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Swimming in a All-weather pool helps you work out, burn calories and get in shape much faster.

Family Friendly
Clean & Hygienic

Certified Coaches
Happy Swimmers
"The team at the pool ensures cleanliness, speaks in a respectful manner and is friendly. At times I missed some of my belongings which was safeguarded by the team and was kept safe."

"Excellent quality of water and professional instructors. Praises for Ashwini Sir for tirelessly working on my techniques and strokes. A must recommended for everyone."

"The best thing I like about this place is that this pool is indoors and water temperature is monitored. We don't need to worry about the tanning or the winter season."
"Being a complete novice and someone not too comfortable with water, Fitso trainers did a commendable job of not just making me comfortable but also providing a world class training."
Trial Class

Fitso SEALs in collaboration with LBB is on a mission to ensure a "Fitter-India".

To introduce our motives, We are offering a Trial Session worth Rs 699  for Free to the LBB users at our indoor pool in Hyderabad.

Our Coaches are well trained & NIS certified. They have good communication skills and possess years of experience.

Our Pools have filtration systems that work 24x7. Furthermore, our teams perform water quality tests twice everyday.

We ensure good ambience and safe environment for women & children. We have female coaches at all our pools.

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 Fitso SEALs in collaboration with LBB is on a mission to ensure a "Fitter-India", Fitso aims to break the stereotype that swimming is meant for a particular age, climate & location. 

To introduce our motives, We are offering a Trial Session worth Rs 699 for LBB users for Free for all ages at our indoor pool in Hyderabad.  


        Morning: 6:00 AM - 10:00 AM

  Evening: 3:00 PM - 9:00 PM

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Swimming aids your body to perspire, making you thirsty. This additional consumption of water results in a more refreshed and more energetic "you" throughout the day.

At Fitso, All coaches are STA-UK certified or NIS certified. All our Lifeguards are YMCA & RLSS certified. The entire pool staff is First Aid and CPR trained.

Swimming in a temperature controlled pool is still exclusive and expensive in India. Fitso offers this premium service at unbelievably low & affordable prices 

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